Serge Corchia Local 1200
Francesca Cuffaro Local 1150
John Cuffaro Local 1789
Karina D’Ermo Local 1405
Jessie Evans Local 1349
Garth Farray Local 5214
Toni Hakem Local 8376
 Eva Helms Local 1478
Raisa Palencia Local 5174
Anne-Marie Papillon Local 1161
 Carey-Ann Pawsey Local 1032
Jonathan Perlman Local 1426
Anne Piggott Local 1410
Marion Preston-Sexton Local 1176
Felicia Solomon Local 1416

The Coordinating Council (CC) shall be composed of the Executive Committee and all members of the Standing Committees & Representatives listed in articles 1 to 10 of Chapter VI. If a member occupies more than one Council position, he/she is limited to one vote.

The duties of the Coordinating Council are as follows:

(a) to ratify any decisions that will be taken at the Standing Committee level;
(b) to ratify any agreement or entente between the Union and the College;
(c) to ratify any decision to contract legal and/or technical services not provided by the FPSES that may be necessary;
(d) to act as a consultative body for the Union;
(e) to make recommendations to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly;
(f) authorize any expense of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or less, above and beyond the approved operating budget;
(g) to assume all Executive powers and duties if there are less than three (3) members on the Executive Committee.